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‘Space: 1999 Classic’ Comic Remastered at ComiXology

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Archaia announced Wednesday the digital debut of Space: 1999 Classic, a new series featuring restored and recolored works from comics luminaries Gray Morrow, John Byrne, and Joe Staton. The restoration project collects out-of-print stories originally presented by Charlton Comics, the British Look-In series and annuals, the German Zack series, and the Italian AMZ stories from the mid 1970s, designed to return the original art to its former glory through the digital retouching of the actual printed comic pages. The remastered series is executed by a team led by Vanguard Production’s senior restoration artist and BLAM!’s own creative director, Andrew E. C. Gaska. Gaska has worked on several of Vanguard’s restored art books in this fashion, and these volumes have received critical acclaim in preserving the past of comic and pulp art. The same techniques will be applied here.

But the remastering isn’t limited to simply being recolorized reprints—this new series will correct inconsistencies in both visuals and plotline, weaving the various, independently created classics together within the greater continuity of the Space: 1999 universe. While faithfully maintaining the spirit of each original story, the remastered scripts will be updated to account for modern technology and innovations to appeal to an adult 1999 audience.

Space: 1999 Classic – Description:

A carefully selected body of original Space: 1999 comics from the 1970s, Space:1999- Classic is a celebration of the series that not only looks back in retro nostalgia –but also forward to the future of this dynamic space epic. After suffering the loss of Victor Bergman, Paul Morrow, and David Kano, John Koenig and Moonbase Alpha find themselves at the mercy of an alien mastermind and a biological computer that eats minds. Their only hope is to appeal to the mercy of the madman’s daughter, a shape shifting young woman called Maya, and convince her of her father’s sinister plan! Part one of a two part adaptation of the season two episode of Space: 1999 “The Metamorph” — expanded to include both new and cut dialogue, and utilizing the remastered art of comics legend Gray Morrow! Within these pages are not simply reprints, but remastered works, most in color for the first time. With respect to the intent and spirit of the original body of work, these comics have been enhanced and clarified within both the story and art, in order to bring these Alphan adventures more in line with both the established continuity of the original Space: 1999 original televised series and the new graphic novel series.

To find out more about Space: 1999 Classic go here, and don’t forget to pick up your digital copy at ComiXology!