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LGBT Films to Catch at LA Film Festival

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This year’s Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF) has a variety of LGBT-themed films screening. Queer ilmmakers from Cuba to Ireland have come together in LA this weekend to showcase their latest works.   Many of the LGBT offerings consist of clever short films.  There are, however, several compelling feature length films available for viewing as well.  Here is a complete  list of LGBT films screening during LAFF:

Call Me Kuchu
Call Me Kuchu

Documentary Competition

(USA, 2012, 87 mins)

In English, Luganda with English subtitles

US Premiere

Directed By: Katherine Fairfax Wright,
Malika Zouhali-Worrall

Executive Producer: Jeff Blitz
Producer: Malika Zouhali-Worrall
Cinematographer: Katherine Fairfax Wright
Music: Jonathan Mandabach
Editor: Katherine Fairfax Wright
To be openly gay in Uganda is to risk imprisonment and death. The stirring and heartbreaking Call Me Kuchu exposes the horrors of a homophobic government — its hatred fueled by right wing American evangelicals — that terrorizes the LGBT community. Yet brave men and women like David Kato, the country’s first openly gay activist, have fought back at great risk. This intimate and impassioned documentary takes us inside this life and death struggle for human rights. Whether you are familiar with Katos’s story or hearing it for the first time, you will find this a shattering and inspiring testament.
Even Handed
Even Handed

Future Filmmaker Showcase

(USA, 2011, 6 mins)

Directed By: Samantha Highsmith,
Gabriella Huggins

Producer: Spy Hop Productions
Screenwriters: Samantha Highsmith, Gabriella Huggins
Cinematographers: Samantha Highsmith, Gabriella Huggins
Editors: Samantha Highsmith, Gabriella Huggins
A straight teenage girl tries to answer a peer’s question about her Human Rights Commission sticker:  “If you’re not gay, why should you care?”
First Birthday
First Birthday

Short Film Competition

(USA, 2011, 12 mins)

In Korean, English with English subtitles
Directed By: Andrew Ahn

Producer: Andrew Ahn
Screenwriter: Andrew Ahn
Cinematographer: Ki Jin Kim
Editor: Andrew Ahn
Cast: Joshua Kwak, Martin Lee, James S.W. Lee, Chris Yejin, Muki Grossberg
A family gathering stirs feelings of longing for a gay man and his partner.

Narrative Competition

(USA, 2012, 76 mins)
World Premiere

Directed By: Joshua Sanchez

Executive Producer: Neil LaBute
Producer: Christine Giorgio
Screenwriter: Joshua Sanchez
Cinematographer: Gregg Conde
Editor: David Gutnik
Music: Bryan Senti
Cast: Wendell Pierce, Emory Cohen, Aja Naomi King, EJ Bonilla
Over the course of a steamy 4th of July night, four people discover the difficulties of making an honest connection with someone else when they are trapped by the lies they tell themselves.In Joshua Sanchez’s psychologically and ethnically complex adaptation of an acclaimed Christopher Shinn play, a father and daughter, each enshrouded in loneliness, reach out for sexual intimacy: he with a nervous, self-hating teenage boy, she with a smooth-talking wannabe homeboy. Wendell Pierce, Aja Naomi King, EJ Bonilla and Emory Cohen shine in this touching, sometimes raw depiction of the evasions, power games and isolation of everyday American life.Cine Latino sponsored by  

Summer Showcase

(USA, 2012, 89 mins)

Directed By: Jonathan Lisecki

Executive Producers: Zeke Farrow, Laura Heberton
Producers: Amy Hobby, Anne Hubbell
Screenwriter: Jonathan Lisecki
Cinematographer: Clay Liford
Editor: Ann Husaini
Music: Giancarlo Vulcano
Cast: Jenn Harris, Matthew Wilkas, Mike Doyle, Anna Margaret Hollyman, Jack Ferver, Jonathan Lisecki, Louis Cancelmi, Alycia Delmore, Charlie Barnett, Adam Driver, Joanne Tucker, Alex Karpovsky, Sarita Choudhury, Dulé Hill
Neither Jenn and Matt, best friends forever, are finding much luck in the boyfriend department, so when Jenn’s biological clock begins to tick, she decides to revisit a youthful promise they made to each other — to have a baby together. The only catch is she wants to get pregnant the old-fashioned way. As the seriousness of what they are trying to do creeps in, Jenn and Matt attempt to get their careers and romantic lives back on track in time to welcome their gayby.With a sharp script and snap timing, writer and director Jonathan Lisecki crafts a hilarious and heartfelt comedy about sex, friendship and the family you choose.
Hold On Tight
Hold On Tight

Short Film Competition

(Ireland, 2011, 12 mins)
North American Premiere

Directed By: Anna Rodgers

Producer: Zlata Filipovic
Screenwriter: Anna Rodgers
Cinematographer: Kate Mc Cullough
Editor: Martha Meyler
Music: Anna Rodgers
A compelling look at simple gestures of affection between gay and lesbian couples in Ireland.
The Invisible War
The Invisible War

Free Screenings

(USA, 2011, 97 mins)

Directed By: Kirby Dick

Executive Producers: Regina Kulik Scully, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Geralyn White Dreyfous, Maria Cuomo Cole, Abigale Disney, Sarah Johnson Redlich, Nicole Boxer-Keegan, Teddy Leifer
Producers: Amy Ziering, Tanner King Barklow
Cinematographers: Thaddeus Wadleigh, Kirsten Johnson
Editors: Doug Blush, Derek Boonstra
In this devastating exposé of injustice, Academy Award-nominated documentarian Kirby Dick uncovers the epidemic fracturing our nation’s military forces: the sexual assaults of over a half million soldiers. Telling their stories with heartbreaking candor, the proud women and men reveal how they were abused and betrayed by the institutions they have sworn their lives to, including the deeply troubling fact that the people these soldiers must turn to for help are often working in collusion with the rapists to keep the scandal quiet. A truly important piece of investigative journalism, Dick’s film refuses to allow this disgracefully broken system to go unseen any longer.
Kendo Monogatari
Kendo Monogatari

Short Film Competition

In Spanish with English Subtitles

(Cuba , Guatemala, 2012, 15 mins)

Producer: Mauricio Escobar Campos
Screenwriter: Fabián Suárez
Cinematographer: Javier Labrador Deulofeu
Editor: Juan Manuel Gamazo
Music: Mónica Betancourt
Cast: Verónica Díaz, Juan Miguel Más, Edith Massola
A hairdresser in Cuba goes the extra mile to help her best friend reunite with his lover.
Next Door Letters
Next Door Letters

Short Film Competition

(Sweden, 2012, 15 mins)

In Swedish with English subtitles
Directed By: Sascha Fülscher

Producers: Sascha Fülscher, PeÅ Holmquist
Screenwriter: Vanja Alexandersson
Cinematographer: Sascha Fülscher
Editor: Sascha Fülscher
Lilja’s life changes forever after a prank she pulls takes an unexpected turn.
This PSA Is Gay
This PSA Is Gay

Future Filmmaker Showcase

(USA, 2011, 2 mins)

Directed By: Patric Verrone,
George Khabbaz,
Miranda Kasher

Producers: Rachel Johnson, John Glouchevitch, Cheri Gaulke
Screenwriter: Marka Maberry-Gaulke
Cinematographers: Miranda Kasher, George Khabbaz, Patric Verrone
Editor: Miranda Kasher
Music: Killer Tracks
When a girl wears a rainbow button to school, she discovers that words can sting.

International Showcase

(France, 2011, 107 mins)

In French with English subtitles
Directed By: André Téchiné

Producer: Saïd Ben Saïd
Screenwriters: Mehdi Ben Attia, André Téchiné, Philippe Djian
Cinematographer: Julien Hirsch
Editor: Hervé de Luze
Cast: André Dussollier, Carole Bouquet, Mélanie Thierry, Adriana Asti
In such films as Wild Reeds and My Favorite Season, André Téchiné has demonstrated a lyrical gift for revealing the marvelously complex nature of our humanity. In his fleet and mysterious new film, set against a seductive Venetian backdrop, he introduces us to a gallery of wonderfully unpredictable characters: a blocked mystery writer who weds a bisexual beauty many years younger than himself; a young ex-con he hires to trail his wife’s every move; the wife’s ex-lover, a woman detective whom the writer lures out of retirement when his daughter goes missing. Starring André Dussollier and Carole Bouquet, Téchiné’s sensuous, slippery tale leads us down the twisty tunnels of the heart.

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