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Black Inmates Spend 40 Years in Solitary Confinement in LA Prison

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Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox, former members of the now-defunct Black Panther Party, not to be confused with the fictional “New Black Panther Party” which appears to consist of only 3 people and seems to be the product of FOX News and GOP propaganda, have been held in solitary confinement in a Louisiana state prison since April 17, 1972.   The two activists, found guilty of murdering a guard at Angola Prison, have maintained their innocence since their arrest in the 70s, arguing that they were framed for their political activism as members of the Black Panthers.   Indeed, with the increased frequency of news reports surfacing nation-wide of official misconduct at all levels of government (Chicago Police Officer John Burge; Richard M. Daley, former Obama administration staffer and former Chicago Mayor – then Prosecutor for the State of Illinois – charged with withholding evidence of that Officer Burge used intimidation and violence to force the false confessions of hundreds of African-American men now serving extensive prison sentences),  Wallace and Woodfox’s allegations of wrongdoing are increasingly credible.  Woodfox and Wallace founded the Angola chapter of the Black Panther Party in 1971.   A third prisoner, Robert King, joined them a year later.  The three campaigned for better working conditions and racial solidarity between inmates, as well as an end to rape and sexual slavery.

Democracy Now marked marked the 40th anniversary of their placement in solitary confinement with a feature on their plight.

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Amnesty USA says it will deliver a petition to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal that bears the signatures of tens of thousands of people from 125 countries.

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