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Mel Gibson’s Maccabees Meltdown Caught on Tape

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The widely circulated dispute between Mel Gibson and screenwriter Joe Eszterhas over the rejection of a draft of Gibson’s Maccabees project,  just got worse for Mel Wednesday night when the “Basic Instinct” writer  released an audio recording of ‘Mad Mel’  yelling at Eszterhas and his family, and calling Mel’s ex-girlfriend “a filthy little cocksucker”.

Bolstering his claim that Mel was responsible for the Maccabees’ script’s rejection because of anti-Jewish sentiment, Eszterhas released the tape to the Wrap.  Warner Bros had passed on The Maccabees, which Gibson had been attached to direct, last week, suggesting Eszterhas’s script lacked “a sense of triumph”.

The tape was made at the Mad Max actor’s home in Costa Rica and goes a long way to cementing the impression of Gibson as out-of-control.  The recording  was apparently recorded on an iPod on 7 December by Eszterhas’s 15-year-old son Nick, who was with his parents, Joe and Naomi. Eszterhas senior said he and his family were terrified during the rant.

“Why don’t I have a first draft of The Maccabees?” asks Gibson, apparently of Eszterhas, as the tape begins. “What the fuck have you been doing?

“I go to work, you’re getting paid, I’m not! Shit! I am earning money for a filthy little cocksucker who takes advantage of me! Just like every motherfucker! So hurry the fuck up!” The film-maker is then heard knocking something over, apparently a large totem pole.

Eszterhas said he released the tape in response to suggestions by Gibson that he fabricated some or all of his allegations. He also said he hoped the film-maker might get help once the extent of his problems became public knowledge.

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