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Libya: Al-Qaeda Rebels Chopping Off Heads and Hearts, Parading them as Trophies (Video)

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Activist Yvonne Di Vito of told RT Thursday that NATO bombing resulted in horrendous criminality, war crimes. “We’ve seen many times that these rebels are making criminal acts, for example they’ve taken Libyan soldiers and killed them by cutting their heads off and they take their hearts out and show [sic] them to the people. So our question is, are we making allies of these people who are committing criminal acts and can these people really govern a country.”

As for NATO civilian casualties, Di Vito said that there is ample footage. “Except the things that we saw with our own eyes visiting these places that were bombed, we have so much material that press officers and journalists from Libya gave to us as testimony to all the dead from the NATO bombings.” She added, “NATO were denying it saying it was Gaddafi propaganda. That wasn’t true. We saw it.”

Di Vito said NATO destroyed hospitals, schools and homes. “The bombings were not only carried out on military targets, but they also hit houses, hospitals, schools, television centers, and this was totally against the humanitarian reasons they said they were there for,” she said. “I believe they were doing this to bring panic in the city. That’s why they were bombing the things that people use daily, like places with food and essential utilities like hospitals.”

Di Vito maintained that mainstream media is reporting widespread support for the NATO attack when the opposite is true. “We also visited Tanjur and Sansur and found a lot of women that were screaming at us, asking ‘Why you Italians are bombing us? What did we do to you? Why are you killing our children?’ That was their main question. When we went to Zitan, the same day they bombed a house and in this house two children were killed. We tried to show the pictures of these children that were dead. But apart from us, no one else did the same.”

On the matter of what Libya will look like if Gadhafi is eliminated from political office, she said: ” I believe that the rebels will not be able to do a good job after Gaddafi. Among them there are many extremist groups, Islamists, Tunisian people, I don’t know why they are there. Al-Qaeda, rebels from Libya that just wanted a change, but there is too much disorganization to make a good job.”

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