Friday, November 21, 2014

Locked Up Abroad Returns Tonight With True Story of ‘Goodfellas’ Mobster Henry Hill


National Geographic Channel’s critically acclaimed cable series “Locked Up Abroad” returns tonight at 10PM ET/PT with a fresh look at captivity nightmares, starting with the true story of the mobster who inspired Martin Scorsese’s Academy-Award winning 1990 film “Goodfellas,” Henry Hill.

“Locked Up Abroad” traditionally focuses on the horror of being held captive far from home,taking viewers inside firsthand accounts of capture, imprisonment and pure terror far from home. Presented from the subject’s point of view, viewers hear every critical detail and watch each heart-pounding moment of the subject’s harrowing journey as it unfolds. Combining revealing, intimate personal interviews with dramatic re-inactments, each one-hour episode focuses on an extraordinary situation, recounting the brutality, the bravery and, in some cases, the bad decisions that put the subject in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In this fifth season, “Locked Up Abroad” also explores the nightmare of imprisonment here in America, where captives are dangerously within reach of spiteful co-conspirators, accessories and other adversaries, beginning with wiseguy Henry Hill. Intriguing details of New York’s Italian mafia in the 60s and 70s emerge in a way that Scorsese’s “Goodfellas” didn’t capture. “There’s a lot of stuff that he left out,” Hill says in the premiere episode.

The former gangster who ‘did a lot of nasty stuff’ in a ‘violent insane subculture’ discusses how he defied his mob boss’ golden rule of never dealing drugs, especially heroine, leading to careless mistakes and ultimately several prison stints where he had to fend off mob attempts on his life.

Future episodes of “Locked Up Abroad” take viewers to the Philippines, where falling in love leads to a criminal offense for a couple; Saudi Arabia, where a a Scottish chef faces the music for bootlegging; and Mexico, where a weightlifter goes to jail for buying illegal prescription drugs for bodybuilding.

“Locked Up Abroad” is produced for the National Geographic Channel by Raw TV Limited.

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