Monday, August 3, 2015

Supernatural: Exploring 137 and Self-Determination

By accepting their destinies as Michael and Satan’s “meat suits” and agreeing to fight as equals, have Dean and Sam just exercised free will, and therefore just altered their futures? Throughout the series, both Dean and Sam’s characters have remained constant, and therefore easily predictable.

Vampire Diaries: It’s Tough Being a Salvatore Uncle

Should have guessed that Vicki’s stealing Elena’s prescription drugs would make her a more likely candidate for sudden death than Caroline, who became Nosferatu’s emotionally neglected concubine. Apparently, drug addiction is a bigger moral problem than premarital sex in Mystic Falls.

Pres. Obama Grilled About Slow Recovery in New Orleans

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President Obama visited New Orleans today and was challenged during a town-hall-style forum about why it continues to take so long to restore schools, universities and hospitals. “Why is it four years after Katrina we’re still fighting for money to repair our devastated city?” Gabriel Bordenave, 29, a Loyola Law School graduate, asked.

White House Strikes Back at Health Care Insurers

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President Obama hit back at the health insurance industry on Thursday, accusing it of trying to deceive Americans about healthcare reform and vowing to overhaul the industry in Congress, Reuters reports. The President criticized insurers for running advertisements critical of Democrats’ attempts to reform the health system.

Rush Rightly Loses Rams Bid For Racist Comments

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At a minimum, the racist views of a potential owner of a business that employs mostly minorities, and which gets government funding for its buildings, etc., should be held to a very high ethical and moral standard.